At Fuelbaby, we strive to provide parents and children with safe, easy-to-use products that will make the typical day-to-day a little less chaotic.

Fuelbaby consists of a small team of 5 nationalities - a young, ambitious, knowledgeable, cultural melting pot that brings a unique world view to our company and products. We’ve all been friends for a good 10 years. We’ve worked and traveled together, and shared a million thoughts and ideas.

Angelo Giuliano

Angelo Guiliano

Angelo lives and breathe Healthy Lifestyle and Yoga. With over 10 years’ senior management experience in high-profile Asian organizations between 1982 - 2004, and over 15 years manufacturing experience, Angelo has a truly in-depth understanding of production and the health industry.

Angelo is the innventor of the Fuelbaby, and the company's Spiritual and Motiviationl leader - he believes in producing a world-changing product with benefits for all.

Paul Jackson

Paul Jackson

Paul is the Co-founder and Managing director of Fuelbaby. At Fuelbaby since the beginning, Paul keeps the ship moving in the right direction. Of Half-Spanish and Half-American descent, his dual background gives him a unique angle on doing business and producing a product that surpasses cultural differences.

Our Story

Our story beings back in 2013 - when Fuelbaby’s Visionary and Inventor Angelo Giuliano after an intense gym session came up with the first concept of Fueltechnolgy, the unique formula dispenser system integrated in Fuelbaby. Angelo - who always been an active gym-goer - were tired of the hassle of dealing with separate containers of supplements after workout, so he came up with a quicker, convinient, and more hygiene method to mix supplements. The Fuelshaker Protein Shaker was born.

The positive feedback on the shaker bottle was overwhelming and Angelo realized the impact the technology could have on other industries. Surrounded by active parents, and facing parenthood himself, he wanted to come up with a solution where formula could be prepared at home, and be ready to mix and feed in the instant the little one is hungry, whether you’re on a walk, at the beach, or even on a flight. He applied the Fueltechnology to a baby bottle and the first prototype of Fuelbaby saw the light of day.

Fuelbaby was launched in February 2017, and before that we had already reached 50k followers on Instagram. One month into the launch and we were listed #1 New Release for Baby Bottles on

About Fuelbaby

Our Promise

When you shop with Fuelbaby, you can rest assured knowing that your child will soon be using a high quality bottle, that is BPA-free, non-toxic, and contain no harmful chemicals. We take pride in our products and guarantee your total satisfaction. By committing ourselves to developing practical and user-friendly baby products, we hope to help make the process of childrearing fun, safe, and memorable.